WaterGallery L.L.C. Gives You The Most Flexibility With Your Custom Bubble Walls

People that are interested in installing custom bubble walls in their bar, nightclub, retail store or even in their home need to have the ability to choose the exact size that they need. No one wants to be limited or restricted, especially when it comes to designing the look of a space. WaterGallery L.L.C., has always been able to meet the specific needs of our clients, whether that’s for custom bubble walls or custom fountains.

Each of our custom bubble walls will be made as you requested and come with changing LED lights that will create that unique atmosphere that you’re looking to achieve. WaterGallery L.L.C., can install you custom bubble walls anywhere in the world, something you’re not going to find with others that claim to provide similar products. That’s just one of the ways that we set ourselves a part from the rest of the industry but more than any other way is our extensive inventory of signature fountains as well as custom products that are made specifically for you.

We didn’t always offer custom bubble walls but since we have, they’ve become one of our most popular items. That’s because they are such versatile pieces that can really fit in so many different areas. When included with other pieces we offer, whether it’s an indoor floor fountain or frosted LED bar tops, you’ll be able to put together a multifaceted look that will radically transform the look and feel of any room or setting.