Floor Fountains Enhance A Room More Than Other Pieces Of Art

When you have the space to accommodate them, floor fountains are a piece of art that provide benefits that you simply cannot get from another piece of art. That’s because while you can certainly find art that is great to look at, and you’ve probably already got some, paintings and sculptures are unable to change the ambiance in the same way that floor fountains are able to. Even the most beautiful painting will have to be noticed to be appreciated but with the relaxing atmosphere that is created with floor fountains, you’ll feel that atmosphere before you’re even sure where it’s coming from.

As mentioned, because some of the floor fountains we carry at Water Gallery can be very large, some even 10 feet tall, not every has the kind of room that can house one of these large fountains. We certainly understand that, which is why you’ll find indoor fountains of all shapes and sizes at Water Gallery. We’ve even got tabletop fountains. Our extensive line of wall fountains offer the same benefits as floor fountains but traditionally take up less space to display, so if there are limitations, that is an option that you should consider.

But not all of the floor fountains at Water Gallery are 10 feet tall. If you’ve got limited space, you’ll be able to find something that will work for your needs. It should also be noted that our custom fountains and modification options give you additional flexibility when you’ve got something really specific in mind.  


Indoor Wall Fountains From Water Gallery Enhance Every Space

Water Gallery’s extensive lines of indoor wall fountains and indoor floor fountains make it easy for anyone to find a piece of water art that matches exactly what they’re looking for when trying to improve both the look and feel of a room. Indoor wall fountains offer a bit more versatility than indoor floor fountains and some of the other pieces that we offer. That’s because indoor wall fountains generally take up less space because they’re hanging on the wall, rather than being displayed on the floor.

This is one of the reasons that people choose indoor wall fountains. Wall fountains can still make a visual impact and enhance the ambiance of the space without requiring the removal of existing furniture. And because the variety of designs of indoor wall fountains offered at Water Gallery come in nearly any size, style and color, it’s easy for people to find a piece that can be worked seamlessly into the design of a room without disrupting it’s look.

Among the customization options we offer, is the ability for personalized lettering or designs. This allows for companies to use one of our indoor wall fountains as signage at their reception desk or in their waiting room. We can have your indoor fountain design feature the name and logo of your company. This is a great way to greet clients, colleagues, business partners or other visitors to your office. When used in a waiting room setting, the relaxing sounds created by indoor wall fountains will make the atmosphere more enjoyable.

Indoor Fountains, Waterfalls, Custom Bubble Panels And More Lead To Unlimited Options

At Water Gallery, we hear from a very diverse client base. Among the reasons for this is because of how many different spaces people have found they’re able to display one of our indoor fountains or indoor waterfalls. There is really no limit to where or how our signature fountains can be displayed but because we offer so many different kinds of fountains and other water art, everyone is able to find something that is perfect for their purposes.

Homeowners place these pieces in nearly every room in the house because no matter where they’re at, indoor fountains create a peaceful atmosphere in a way that no other piece of art or furniture is able to. Our fountains are also displayed in a number of different business settings as well. We’ve had clients choose our custom fountains, which feature the name or logo of their company built right into the design of the fountain, as a way to great visitors to their office by placing them behind reception or in the waiting room.

Owners of clubs, bars and restaurants have been choosing our custom bubble panels as way to give their establishment a modern feel and help them really stand out to their patrons. These custom bubble panels can be modified to fit any space and feature changing multicolored LED lights, which create a completely unique atmosphere. Regardless of where you’re looking to radically change both the look and the feel of a room, be it at home or at work, you’ll find that there isn’t a better way to do just that than with a fountain from Water Gallery.


Indoor Waterfalls Provide A Modern Look In Any Room

One of the key aspects to interior design is being modern. Even when someone utilizes a “retro” look for their design, it’s always done with a modern slant. This is one of the reasons why so many people have begun featuring indoor waterfalls as a part of their interior designs because they represent the cutting edge in interior design.

There really isn’t another piece of art quite like indoor waterfalls because in addition to being beautiful, they’re able to harness the beauty of natural flowing water and place right inside your home or office. And unlike a painting, indoor waterfalls create a whole new atmosphere in the space where they’re placed due to the sound and feel of the cascading water. Few things are as relaxing as the sounds of moving water as evidenced by the fact that people listen to recordings of these sounds. With one of the indoor waterfalls from Water Gallery, you can forget the recordings and enjoy the sounds as they actually happen.

And another of the great things about indoor waterfalls is that they can be placed in a number of different spaces because they come in so many different shapes and sizes. We also have the ability to modify these fountains or create custom fountains if you find that one of our existing pieces isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. But regardless of where you choose to place one of our indoor wall fountains, they’re sure to enhance the look and feel immediately not to mention serve as a conversation starter when people first see them.


A Wall Fountain From Water Gallery Can Give You Unlimited Options

When it comes to an indoor fountain, some people think their choices are fairly limited. At Water Gallery, we like to think the opposite is true. While you’re first choice is whether you want an indoor floor fountain, a tabletop fountain or a wall fountain, there’s so much variation within each of those choices that the possibilities become endless. This is especially true when you also take into consideration our ability to make custom fountains, which means we can make a one of a kind of fountain for you and that opens up a lot of possibilities.

The great thing about a wall fountain is that even if you choose one of our very large models, you really won’t be sacrificing much in terms of space. This is a benefit that a wall fountain has over some of our other indoor fountains and why they’re so popular with people interested in incorporating them into a greater design vision.

A wall fountain provides visual appeal in a way that a painting can but the added component of the moving water creates an atmosphere that really can’t be replicated with another piece of furniture or art. By adding a wall fountain to a room, you’ll not only have enhanced the way it looks but you’ll have changed the way it feels, making it more relaxing and peaceful. Every wall fountain at Water Gallery is made from the highest quality materials ranging from stainless steel, glass, copper, slate and more.


Custom Bubble Walls and Fountains Among The Many Products Available From Water Gallery

At Water Gallery, we have a wide range of clients but we’ve always been committed to offering fountains, waterfalls and bubble walls that are able to meet the diverse needs of those clients. Some of our customers are looking to decorate the interior of their homes or the homes of their clients. Others are looking for something to enhance the look and feel of their place of business, whether that’s an office building or a nightclub.

As one could imagine, a single model or design is not going to be right for each of these clients which is why we not only offer an extensive inventory, we are able to modify or customize the fountains as needed. Our custom bubble walls are becoming increasingly popular because of their modern look. While all of our indoor floor fountains come with built in lighting, the custom bubble walls have changing multicolored LED lighting, providing a completely different look than can be found with our fountains.

The custom bubble walls also display the beauty of constantly moving water but again, in a different manner than the trickling water found in our fountains. The bubbles walls can be constructed in any size, so regardless of where you’d like to place one of these pieces, we’ll be able to create a bubble wall that will fit. When paired with our frosted LED bar tops, bubble lamps, bubble panels or other products offered at Water Gallery, you can easily create a complete design vision that will be one of a kind.

Consider Custom Bubble Panels When You Want A Unique And Modern Look

Water Gallery has always been dedicated to providing an inventory that reaches out to a wide number of clients. We have clients that come to us looking for indoor wall fountains for their homes while others are interested in our custom fountains and how they can design a unique piece for their office. None of our clients are the same, which is why we’ve always been willing to modify our designs as needed for those clients.

In addition to our indoor fountains, Water Gallery offers another kind of water art, in the form of water bubbler columns and custom bubble panels. Many people come to us interested in a fountain but are unable to find something that matches the decor of the space they’re decorating until they come across our custom bubble panels. These pieces offer a very modern take while providing some of the natural beauty that’s found in our other products. The constantly moving bubbles provide visual appeal that can’t be found in most kinds of art.

All of our custom bubble panels include multicolor LED lights that come with a control that can change the lighting as needed. When combined with our bubble lamps or an LED bar top, custom bubble panels can present a complete design vision that will radically improve the feel of the space, whether that’s a bar, nightclub, restaurant, shopping center, boutique shop or even an area in your home. There are no limits to how our custom bubble panels can be used and we always believe the broader the imagination, the better.


Indoor Waterfalls From Water Gallery Can Transform A Space In Your Home Or Office

If you’ve spent time browsing the selection at WaterGallery.net and have decided you’d like to purchase one of our top of the line indoor fountains or indoor waterfalls you can do so with the confidence that it’s been made by some of the most knowledgeable and passionate people in the fountain industry. Any time we speak to someone regarding indoor waterfalls, we believe our enthusiasm for our product shines through and that instills a level of confidence in them that you’ve chosen the right source for their fountain purchase.

Whether you need a fountain that is going to greet visitors at your office, create a relaxing atmosphere in a waiting room or become the focal point in a room in your house, WaterGallery.net, the leading source for indoor and outdoor fountains can provide you with options. We’ve got indoor floor fountains that stand 10 feet high and indoor water falls that are much more subtle. We also have bubble walls, lamps and other water art that serves a functional purpose.

Finding the right indoor fountain to complement the design of a room in their home or office is easy when you choose Water Gallery because we firmly believe that we’ve got a fountain for everyone, regardless of where they want to put the fountain or how much they have to spend. We’re proud to offer in addition to our predesigned indoor waterfalls, a number of options when it comes to custom water fountains. We can help you create a fountain that is literally one of a kind. Read more about indoor waterfalls.



Indoor Wall Fountains Are More Affordable Than Most People Realize

As the leading source for indoor and outdoor fountains, Water Gallery offers one of the widest selections of designs and styles anywhere in the world and thanks to our secure online ordering system, it doesn’t matter where in the world you’re located, you can order one of the indoor wall fountains or indoor floor fountains that we offer. You may find fountains elsewhere but not only does Water Gallery offer a low price guarantee, quite simply, our indoor fountains and indoor water falls are of the highest quality, something not all fountain providers can say.

We’re in this business because we have a passion for fountains and wall waterfalls, we believe that’s evident any time you talk with us about one of products and we know that’s evident in the craftsmanship of the fountains that we design and build. There is a perception by some that indoor wall fountains and fountains can only be afforded by those with a lot of money or a large design budget and while it’s true that some models can be expensive, there are a number of fountains available at Water Gallery that are affordable, including an entire section featuring fountains under $500.

We believe whether it’s a matter of the design, size, style, material of the fountain or the price, that we’ve got a fountain for anyone that’s seriously interested in adding one to their home or office. This is especially true when you consider the infinite possibilities available with our custom fountains.
To read more about indoor wall fountains, please visit the following url: http://www.watergallery.net


Consider Indoor Waterfalls When Decorating Your Home Or Office

If you’re considering making some changes to the design of a room in your home or office but haven’t considered the possibility of indoor waterfalls, it’s time you browse WaterGallery.net. You’ll learn that we’ve got a wide range of indoor waterfalls, indoor fountains and other water art that can complement an existing design or serve as the focal point for a complete redesign. There are many reasons why people choose indoor waterfalls over other decorating staples, such as paintings, sculptures or other forms of art and that’s because not only are they are they visually appealing but you get the benefits of the relax atmosphere created by these fountains, something those things cannot offer.

Because WaterGallery.net offers so many different options when it comes to indoor waterfalls, we’re confident that no matter what you have in mind, we can find the right piece for you. Our indoor fountains come in a variety of different sizes, designs and materials that you’ll spend a lot of time simply seeing what we have to offer. We encourage you to contact us should you have any questions because there’s nothing we love talking about more than indoor floor fountains and indoor waterfalls.

It should also be said that a common misconception is that indoor waterfalls are extremely expensive but at WaterGallery.net while all of our indoor waterfalls are priced much lower than the industry standard, we specifically have an entire section dedicated to fountains priced under $500 to accommodate those that are working on a smaller budget. To read more about indoor waterfalls, please visit the following url: http://www.watergallery.net