Make the Right Statement with a Copper Water Fountain

Copper is an incredibly beautiful and luxurious metal.  It has been used to adorn interiors for millennia and today, your home or business can also reap the beauty of copper in our copper water fountains.  Water Gallery copper water fountains are one of our most popular lines and offer beauty, elegance and sophistication.  Perfect for almost any décor, you will love the richness our fountains bring to your environment.

High Quality Copper Water Fountains
Water Gallery has earned an incredible reputation for offering some of the highest quality copper water fountains in the industry.  Our fountains are made from the very best copper and come in 20 gauge thickness to ensure that your fountain will be sturdy and strong for the many years to come.  Besides the beautiful copper we offer, you can accent your fountain with a host of many quality materials including slate, light weight slate, natural river rock, mirror, glass and much more. 

Make the Right Impression
One of the reasons that our copper water fountains are extremely popular is due to the fact that they make a great business impression.  Copper water fountains easily and convincingly convey prosperity, intellect, elegance and sophistication.  Many savvy businesses purchase copper water fountains not only for their beauty, but as a great investment.  For more information or to view our line of copper water fountains, please visit our main website at:

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