LED Bar Tops Work As A Great Complement To Our Custom Bubble Panels

Those that are interested in custom bubble panels from Water Gallery L.L.C., discover that we also offer frosted LED bar tops and find that they serve as an excellent companion piece for the custom bubble panels. Creating an overall look for any space, including places like a bar or nightclub or simply a recreational room at home, requires multiple elements working together. Many of our clients have purchased our custom bubble panels have been able to incorporate them with other pieces and elements to achieve that complete look, so that is certainly a possibility.

However, if you’ve decided on custom bubble panels and are looking for something to help bring it all together, we urge you to consider our frosted LED bar tops. Water Gallery L.L.C., provides free shipping  on our the custom bubble panels and the LED bar tops. We’ve served clients all across the country and would love to speak with you more about any of our products as well as address any questions you may have. We’ll be able to work with you to create custom bubble panels of any size that you require.

There are different styles available but each will be made by experienced and skilled craftsman and high quality parts. This is what we’re known for at Water Gallery L.L.C., which is why all of our products are so popular. We’re known as the leading source for indoor and outdoor fountains but our pieces include water art of all types, including custom bubble panels and LED bar tops.