Floor Fountains Enhance A Room More Than Other Pieces Of Art

When you have the space to accommodate them, floor fountains are a piece of art that provide benefits that you simply cannot get from another piece of art. That’s because while you can certainly find art that is great to look at, and you’ve probably already got some, paintings and sculptures are unable to change the ambiance in the same way that floor fountains are able to. Even the most beautiful painting will have to be noticed to be appreciated but with the relaxing atmosphere that is created with floor fountains, you’ll feel that atmosphere before you’re even sure where it’s coming from.

As mentioned, because some of the floor fountains we carry at Water Gallery can be very large, some even 10 feet tall, not every has the kind of room that can house one of these large fountains. We certainly understand that, which is why you’ll find indoor fountains of all shapes and sizes at Water Gallery. We’ve even got tabletop fountains. Our extensive line of wall fountains offer the same benefits as floor fountains but traditionally take up less space to display, so if there are limitations, that is an option that you should consider.

But not all of the floor fountains at Water Gallery are 10 feet tall. If you’ve got limited space, you’ll be able to find something that will work for your needs. It should also be noted that our custom fountains and modification options give you additional flexibility when you’ve got something really specific in mind.