Custom Bubble Walls and Fountains Among The Many Products Available From Water Gallery

At Water Gallery, we have a wide range of clients but we’ve always been committed to offering fountains, waterfalls and bubble walls that are able to meet the diverse needs of those clients. Some of our customers are looking to decorate the interior of their homes or the homes of their clients. Others are looking for something to enhance the look and feel of their place of business, whether that’s an office building or a nightclub.

As one could imagine, a single model or design is not going to be right for each of these clients which is why we not only offer an extensive inventory, we are able to modify or customize the fountains as needed. Our custom bubble walls are becoming increasingly popular because of their modern look. While all of our indoor floor fountains come with built in lighting, the custom bubble walls have changing multicolored LED lighting, providing a completely different look than can be found with our fountains.

The custom bubble walls also display the beauty of constantly moving water but again, in a different manner than the trickling water found in our fountains. The bubbles walls can be constructed in any size, so regardless of where you’d like to place one of these pieces, we’ll be able to create a bubble wall that will fit. When paired with our frosted LED bar tops, bubble lamps, bubble panels or other products offered at Water Gallery, you can easily create a complete design vision that will be one of a kind.