Copper Fountains Make the Right Impression

For those looking to add the beauty and elegance of a water fountain, one of the most attractive types of materials to use to construct your fountain is copper.  Copper fountains have always been an elegant choice- perfect for corporate entryways, reception areas, retail shops and homes.  If you are looking to purchase a Copper fountains, you should definitely choose Water Gallery.

Water Gallery offers some of the finest copper fountains.  We only use high quality copper that is 20 gauge- perfect for larger wall and floor fountains.  In addition to our high quality copper, we can accent your fountain with a wide variety of materials including:  slate, light weight slate, natural river rock, stainless steel, glass, mirror and more.  We also offer superior workmanship, which means your fountain will last for many years to come.

Copper fountains are not only beautiful, but they make the right business impression.  For those looking to convey traits such as success, prosperity, intelligence and sophistication, a Water Gallery copper fountain is perhaps the best choice.  Today, making a good business impression is not easy; however these traits are easily conveyed with a Water Gallery copper fountain.

For more information or to view our current selection of copper fountains, please visit our main website at the following link:

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