Tabletop Fountains: The Perfect Accessory

For those looking to add something special to their office, retail space or home, a tabletop fountain could be the perfect choice.  While wall and floor fountains are statuesque, tabletop fountains are perfect for adding something extra to any table, desk, or corner space.  They fit perfectly in office environments and homes.

Water Gallery Tabletop Fountains are Designed with High Quality Materials
It’s true, you can go to almost any big box retailer and find a tabletop fountain, however these fountains are not made to last.  With inferior materials and workmanship, they don’t create the impression that many offices and homes want to convey.  With a Water Gallery tabletop fountain, you can count on extremely high quality materials and workmanship.  Our materials include: slate, Italian copper, stainless steel, glass, mirror, natural river rock and much more.  With our high quality construction, your tabletop fountain will last for the years to come.

Purchasing and Setting Up Your Water Gallery Tabletop Fountain is Simple
Not only do we create some of the highest quality fountains in the industry, but buying one from Water Gallery is simple.  Our customer service is friendly and helpful and will assist you in choosing the right fountain to fit your needs.  On most fountains, shipping is free and since many of our tabletop fountains come preassembled- set up is a breeze.  For more information regarding tabletop fountains, please visit our main website at:

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