Custom Wall Fountains: Logo Fountains

Ever considered adding a wall fountain to your place of business or even your home? This is one great way to make an impression on clients or guests. Many businesses use the logo wall fountains in reception areas, conference rooms, or just as a sign to market their business.  When you add your logo to your wall fountain to customize it, your clients will remember you and your business with the beautiful wall fountain they admired while they are visiting. All sorts of businesses can find a way to integrate such a feature into their interior design structure. Here are the benefits to adding a beautiful, customized wall
fountain to your location:


  • Features your company’s name or logo.
  • Stress Relief & Relaxation.
  • Indoor Décor.
  • Drowns out background noise.

Water Gallery is the exclusive seller of wall fountains. They offer slate waterfalls and marble waterfalls that can be engraved with your own company logo! There is simply no better way to show off your brand than with a stunning wall fountain complete with your company logo featured in your place of business, waiting room or commons area. You are sure to leave an impression on your clients of guests with an engraved wall fountain!