Bubble Walls

What are Bubble Walls?

Bubble Walls are an indoor feature that has a consistent flow of bubbles that creates a serine effect. A wall of bubbles is a spectacular effect in any restaurant, home or business. These beautiful expressions of peacefulness and tranquility can undeniably provide a setting which others may find difficult to do.

Benefits of a Bubble Wall:

  • In a restaurant, bubble walls offer a dramatic mist of ambiance
  • At home, it can help guests feel invited into your home
  • In the office, it can provide customers with a stylish art piece while offering a calming feeling
  • The constant movement of bubbles creates an aurora for any atmosphere

Bubble Walls create an exotic and magnificent look transforming into a calm oasis and are the perfect touch to any room offering a soft and tranquil environment. The subtle flow of water creates the dramatic effect of a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Bubble Walls illuminate a room enticing a stress free setting.  The constant flow of water will control the intensity bringing the mood to a heightened feeling of peace. This is one way you can easily create a design vision that will be one of a kind.

Bubble Walls