An Indoor Floor Fountain Provides Decorating Versatility That’s Difficult To Find

Many visitors to Water Gallery are in search of one of our large, majestic fountains. The kind that stands 10 feet tall and makes everyone that sees them stop and admire. However, some people are looking for something a bit more subtle, something that can complement an existing decoration scheme. Still others are not quite sure what they’re looking for and are visiting Water Gallery to get some ideas or just to learn more about one of our one of our wall fountains or an indoor floor fountain.

Our indoor fountains range in size from 40 inches to 10 feet tall and are made from a variety of materials including stainless steel, glass, copper and more so we like to believe that no matter what someone is looking for in a fountain, we’re able to accommodate. This even includes our ability to make custom fountains.

There really isn’t any room in a person’s home or office that can’t successfully incorporate an indoor floor fountain or one of our wall fountains. The great thing about our indoor fountains is that in addition to being visually appealing, they create a peaceful vibe in any space. They also serve a function purpose as well, as they all include lighting. When you choose Water Gallery and an indoor floor fountain, you’ll discover that you’ve included a unique piece of art and furniture that will completely change both the look and feel of the space, whether it’s a hallway or living room or an office or waiting room.
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Wall Fountains Lead To Inspired Interior Design

There’s no better place to visit than if you’re interested in wall fountains, indoor floor fountains, tabletop fountains or fountains. As you browse through our selection, you’ll see a number of different designs, competitively priced. We’re confident we’ve got a fountain for everyone and if not, you may get inspired by one of our designs and request one of our custom fountains.

We’re able to modify one of our wall fountains, incorporating the name and logo of your company or make other customizations to give you a completely unique fountain. We have a team of experienced designers and fabricators that can help you design and customize a fountain for your home or offices that’ll be sure to impress visitors not to mention bring a peaceful aura to your room. Any good designer will tell you that there should be no limits when it comes to imagining a vision or design of a room, especially when you’re looking to make a statement.

When you include one of our wall fountains as a part of your interior design or redesign of a room, regardless if it’s in your home or office, you’ll be featuring a piece of art/furniture that is uncommon and sophisticated. People will not only find the sounds of the trickling water soothing and peaceful, they’ll be impressed by the look and feel of the fountain itself and have questions about where you got it. You can point them in our direction, you wouldn’t be the first.
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Floor Fountains Are More Than Just Visually Appealing

When you purchase one of the floor fountains offered at, you’ll be instantly giving the room in your home or office a sense of modern style, as well as adding peaceful aura that can only come from the sounds of trickling water. There’s a reason that people have been visiting waterfalls and fountains around the world for years and why even today places like Niagara Falls continue to be popular tourist destinations.

Waterfalls and running water are beautiful and relaxing. This is why floor fountains are becoming more and more popular in homes and offices because they represent something more than the visual appeal that comes from other types of art such as paintings and sculptures. While our indoor fountains do serve functional purposes, we believe they can also be viewed as art. We think you’ll agree when you consider our art fountains such as the Canyon Wall fountain, which measures 28” wide by 48” high. For something that will really stop people in their tracks, you may consider the 16 Foot Sorcery, which is an amazing 16 feet wide and 6 feet tall.

If you’ve browsed our selection of floor fountains and don’t find one that is exactly what you’re looking for, you may consider one of our custom fountains. We have a team of experienced designers and fabricators that can build very specific custom fountains for any kind of room in your home or office. We can even incorporate your company’s logo into a custom design.
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