Custom Fountains from Water Gallery Offer Luxury, Serenity and Better Health

Beautiful custom fountains from Water Gallery allow you to bring luxury and serenity to your home or office. In addition, our indoor fountains provide a number of health benefits as well. By providing moisture in the air, indoor floor fountains will instantly relieve seasonal allergies. Our wall fountains work to help keep your home’s air from drying out as well and are perfect for those who want the luxury of a fountain but lack the space that a floor model requires. Our fountains are created from the highest quality materials available such as natural river rock, Italian copper, stainless steel, glass and many others.

If you cannot find the perfect fountain for your home or office on our site, simply contact us and inquire about a custom fountain created especially for you. We will discuss your preferences with you and help you to decide on a design that is perfect for your needs. Whether you choose a floor, wall mounted or tabletop fountain, we can design a custom fountain for you that will bring beauty and peace to your home and/or office. When you are ready to create a dramatic statement with your interior décor, Water Gallery is ready to help you to do so.

The soothing sound of water gently trickling over stone offers relaxation that you simply cannot get with any other home decorating piece. Allow us at Water Gallery to bring the beauty of the outdoors to your home or office today. To read more about custom fountains, visit us at


Indoor Wall Fountains Are More Than Visually Appealing, one of the leading providers of indoor wall fountains, offers not just fountains but also wall waterfalls and other pieces of wall art that are made from a variety of different materials and finishes, ranging from stainless steel to stone and even mirror surfaced fountains. If you want something truly unique, we can also design a custom fountain that could even incorporate the name or logo of your company, which can be an excellent way to greet visitors to your business. It doesn’t matter what your needs are, has a fountain for you.

Because carries such a diverse selection of indoor wall fountains, we’ve got the right piece of water art for just about anyone. We have pieces that are small enough to fit on a table top and we have pieces that are large enough to take up an entire wall. And if you think that one of these fountains can’t fit into your design budget, you’ll be pleased to discover that the days when only the extremely wealthy could afford an indoor fountain are no more and that we have fountains that are very affordable and can meet just about any budget.

When you’re looking to do more than simply change the look but also the feel of a room in your home or office, visit today and browse our selection of indoor wall fountains. You’ll find discover all of the different options available and find the perfect piece to add to your redecorating project.
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If you’re looking for a way to change the look and the feel of a room in your home or office, consider the indoor waterfalls offered at Besides instantly giving your room a sense of modern style, indoor waterfalls provide a peaceful aura that can only come from the sounds of trickling water. People have been visiting waterfalls and fountains around the world forever because of how beautiful and relaxing they can be and while people probably won’t travel to visit an indoor fountain or wall waterfall in your home or office, they will almost certainly be impressed.

At, we carry an extensive line of indoor waterfalls and floor fountains with models and styles that can be incorporated into any redesign project or could simply be added to a room to instantly give it a new feel. Our fountains can be constructed out of a number of materials, from stone, copper, acrylic and even hand blown glass. When you also consider the different sizes that are available, you’ll understand how we’ve been able to help countless people and businesses find the perfect fountain.

And if you’re looking for something truly unique, you’ll find that in addition to our pre-designed fountains and indoor waterfalls, we have a team of designers and fabricators that can create a custom one of a kind fountain just for you. Our custom fountains can even include the name or logo of your company, which is the perfect way greet visitors to your business.
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Wall Fountains Come In More Variety Than People Think

First time visitors to are sometimes surprised to find the level of variety offered in our inventory. Whether this is because they weren’t aware that wall fountains and other indoor fountains could come in so many different styles, sizes and materials or it’s because they’ve been searching for a fountain through other providers that don’t offer the same kind of wide selection that we offer at Water Gallery. No one in the industry offers the same combination of service and fountain selection compared to Water Gallery.

Regardless, when someone is searching for the perfect indoor fountain to complement the design of a room in their home or office, the search ends when they reach That’s because in addition to our predesigned fountains that include models that would be great additions to any interior design vision, we also offer custom water fountains, so that no matter what you have in mind, Water Gallery will have the fountain for you.

When you visit, you’ll see our currently featured fountains, which right now include the Deep Creek Falls line and the Grande Waterfall line. Each of these fountains offers something different and you’ll find that each of our designs brings a unique quality. If you’re interested in a custom fountain, you may choose to have the name and logo of your company incorporated into the design. This has been a popular choice among our clients that are using our fountains as the centerpiece of their office lobby or waiting room.
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