Wall Water Fountains Offer Great Versatility

In the past, fountains used to be a privilege of kings’ and rich noble men’s residences. Later, architecture, art and sculpture recognized fountains’ importance and such works of art as fountains in Versailles or Fontana di Trevi in Rome came into existence. Now, fountains give life to squares, parks, hotels’ exteriors or shopping malls. Wherever they are found, they attract us, capture our senses and lift our spirits. Wall water fountains from Water Gallery.net offer the same beauty and delight, but can be installed virtually anywhere.

If we say anywhere, we mean it. For decades wall water fountains have been decorating homes and offices, spacious lounges and intimate spaces of rooms, grand entryways of hotels and restaurants, swimming pools and eating areas outside our homes. Where does their versatility come from? First of all, they fit on any wall since they are available in numerous sizes. They are never in a way and are absolutely undemanding. Secondly, their limitless designs make them always unique, fresh and special.

Another feature of wall water fountains is that people tend to project their qualities onto their environment and owners. Fountains, which are generally considered inviting, welcoming, revitalizing or soothing, elegant and prosperous, can therefore raise popularity of your business, attendance at your enterprise or social status. If you visit http://watergallery.net, you will be able to choose from numerous of wall water fountains that can do the same for you.


Let Floor Fountains Speak For You

Are you thinking of changing the feel and focus of your room or office? Do you wish to find the way how to make your home even more peaceful and comfortable? Would you like your business to give more welcoming and hospitable feel or be viewed as dynamic and vigorous? If your answer is yes, then floor fountains are one of the best ways to achieve your goal. A piece of water art standing tall and majestic is impossible to overlook and the impression it makes is profound and long-lasting. 

Floor fountains don’t gain recognition for their undisputed artistic merit only. The soothing sound and shimmering lights of falling water ease tension, boost our energy and un-clutter our often overloaded minds. Through these qualities they truly recreate their environment and turn it into a space where everybody likes to spend their time and return to. Besides, your choice of materials, size, style and design, which can range from elegant glass fountains with gently etched designes, water bubbler panels, stone fountains in colors of sunrise to acrylic fountains of abstract patterns and bright colors, will emphasize that you most identify with and will give expression to your attitudes.

Floor fountains change your space, indicate your taste and style, and associate you with a wide range of positive impressions and feelings.  Browse our selection of floor fountains today at: http://www.watergallery.net





Custom Fountains- Make a Great Impression

We are all unique, so are our businesses and ideas we want to promote or support. Water Gallery, a provider of water fountains, is here to highlight you, your projects or enterprises with the help of custom fountains. Custom fountains are water features for those with a specific vision in mind, for those of you who want to express their individualities or convey philosophy of your business through beautiful decoration full of life, sparkling and energy. Our team of talented engineers and craftsmen are ready to design and construct custom fountains that will be perfectly suitable for your message and purposes.

Possibilities for custom fountains are limitless and the combinations of size, style, color and materials are countless. Popular examples are fountains featuring a name or a logo of a company that can be raised, frosted or engraved, fountains with artistic design, bubble walls, indoor and outdoor waterfalls and uniquely shaped reservoirs. What these custom fountains have in common is high quality materials, fine details and impression they leave. Custom fountains are always elegant, eye catching, displaying style and making a prosperous statement. Shortly, your vision and our professionalism can result in a work of art that will impress your business associates, appeal to clients and make your employees proud.

Water Gallery’s pride is that we have a fountain for everyone. Allow our custom fountains to prove that we have one especially for you. To see our work and find out more about custom fountains, please go to http://watergallery.net.