Copper Water Fountains Add Elegance and Beauty

If you are looking for an interior accessory that instantly conveys prosperity and sophistication, one item that has been treasured for millennia is a copper fountain.  Copper fountains are not only incredibly beautiful, but perfect for both businesses and the home.  If you are looking for an elegant way to add beauty and tranquility to your environment, a Water Gallery copper water fountain is perhaps your best choice.

Copper Water Fountains by Water Gallery
Our copper water fountains are some of the best in the industry.  We offer a wide selection of copper water fountains in a wide variety of styles and sizes.  From small tabletop fountains to large floor and wall fountains, you can easily find the copper fountain that fits perfect in your interior.  Our fountains are made from high quality 20 gauge copper which is not only sturdy, but incredibly beautiful.  Beside quality copper, we also offer a wide selection of accenting materials to bring out the beauty of your fountain including:  slate, natural river rock, stainless steel, mirror, glass and much more.

Water Gallery Copper Water Fountains Offer Tranquility
Besides looking great, a copper water fountain offers plenty of tranquility and the relaxing sound of gently falling water.  Perfect for almost any décor, you will enjoy the beauty that a Water Gallery copper water fountain brings to your environment.  Visit our main website today at:

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Custom Fountains are Just the Thing

Everywhere you go these days, you are bound to find a custom fountains decorating someone’s home or office. The tranquil sounds of trickling water can sooth the soul and bring relaxation to anyone who feels stress. A custom fountain also adds beauty to a setting, enhancing a work office’s atmosphere or a person’s home. You do not have to go far to find a custom fountain in an office or home. It has become a pretty good standard almost like having curtains or carpet.

Water Gallery offers custom fountains in many styles
Water Gallery is one of the best water fountain sellers in business today. They stay on top because they offer custom fountains with only the highest quality materials. These materials include slate, Italian copper, glass, stainless steel, natural river rock, mirror, lightweight slate, and more. Water Gallery ensures that the most expert skill and craftsmanship will go into every custom fountain they offer. You can’t go wrong with one of Water gallery’s custom fountains.

Custom fountains made to fit you
Our custom fountains are designed to fit your taste. Whether it is a corporate office, retail shop or home, our custom fountains will bring out the best in you and your setting. Imagine the sound of falling water reverberating throughout your home or office. You can already feel the relaxation. 

For more information regarding custom fountains, or to start the process of creating your own, log on to

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Floor Fountains Perfect for all Environments

If you are looking for a way to add elegance and stylish beauty to your indoor environment, one interior accessory that can offer the perfect fit is a floor fountain.  Floor fountains are increasingly popular in corporate entranceways, reception areas, retail shops and homes as a way to not only offer beauty, add ambiance, but also convey the right impression.  For those looking for a beautiful floor fountain, Water Gallery is perhaps your best place to shop.

Water Gallery Floor Fountains Make the Right Impression
Water Gallery floor fountains are one of the best ways to make the perfect business impression.  With a floor fountain, you can convey easily and convincingly prosperity, success, intellect and sophistication.  As you know these impressions are difficult to make, but our floor fountains impress rather easily.

Quality Floor Fountains from Water Gallery
It should also be noted that our floor fountains are made from some of the finest materials available and our workmanship is superior to those fountains that you find in big box retailers or home and garden shops.  These are just some of the reasons that Water Gallery has earned a top reputation in the industry and why your fountain will be extremely beautiful in your interior for the many years to come.

For more information regarding our extensive line of floor fountains or to create your own custom floor fountain, please visit our main website at the following link:

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Water Gallery Outdoor Water Fountains are the Perfect Choice

If you are looking to enhance your outdoor environment, one accessory that always seems to be the perfect choice is an outdoor water fountain.  Outdoor water fountains are stylish, tranquil and offer a great fit for most outdoor landscapes.  Whether for a business or your home, if you are looking for an incredibly beautiful outdoor water fountain, you definitely should view the extensive line of fountains at Water Gallery.

Outdoor Water Fountains are Made with Quality in Mind
One of the reasons that many choose Water Gallery outdoor water fountains is that our fountains are made with quality in mind.  Our fountains are made from hand sculpted stone casts and come in a wide variety of styles, tiers and colors.  No matter what type of landscape or outdoor environment you have, we have a fountain to fit it.  Water Gallery offers a tremendous selection of fountains perfect for almost anyone.

Purchase an Outdoor Water Fountain Today
Right now is one of the best times to purchase an outdoor water fountains from Water Gallery.  We have plenty of specials going, making the savings and value you can receive irresistible. 

For more information regarding our outdoor water fountains or to view our extensive collection, please visit our main website today at the following link:

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