Custom Wall Fountains: Logo Fountains

Ever considered adding a wall fountain to your place of business or even your home? This is one great way to make an impression on clients or guests. Many businesses use the logo wall fountains in reception areas, conference rooms, or just as a sign to market their business.  When you add your logo to your wall fountain to customize it, your clients will remember you and your business with the beautiful wall fountain they admired while they are visiting. All sorts of businesses can find a way to integrate such a feature into their interior design structure. Here are the benefits to adding a beautiful, customized wall
fountain to your location:


  • Features your company’s name or logo.
  • Stress Relief & Relaxation.
  • Indoor Décor.
  • Drowns out background noise.

Water Gallery is the exclusive seller of wall fountains. They offer slate waterfalls and marble waterfalls that can be engraved with your own company logo! There is simply no better way to show off your brand than with a stunning wall fountain complete with your company logo featured in your place of business, waiting room or commons area. You are sure to leave an impression on your clients of guests with an engraved wall fountain!


Bubble Walls for the Office

Bubble walls are a stunning art feature that creates a soothing and comforting atmosphere. These are perfect for any home, office or restaurant. Bubble walls can add a very tranquil and natural feeling to your environment. These amazing bubble walls can create a calming environment for the employees and also for the customers. They work very well in an office setting and can be personalized.

Adding bubble walls to your office offer the beautiful color changing led lighting and the pleasant sound from the bubbles inside the bubble wall. They come in all different and custom sizes, along with being made of durable acrylic panels. This will also create a relaxing environment and drown out any loud noises in the background so making it very calming. There are many benefits to having a bubble wall, including being very durable, affordable, and unique. This would be the perfect accessory for your office!

Bubble walls can also be specially designed to suit any room’s specifications. You can
decide on freestanding or mounted units and you can choose the options that best suit your needs and desires. At Water Gallery, we offer free shipping nationwide! Consider adding class and beauty in your business with a high quality, ideal bubble wall. Water Gallery is the leading source for custom bubble walls, and we are the industry experts!

Add a Stylish Water Fountain Inside or Outside!

Adding stylish and beautiful water fountains to your home or office will add so much to your interior or garden. Water fountains are stunning to look at with water trickling over lights, glass and/or stones. When a person first walks into a place that has water fountains, their eyes are instantly fixed upon their beauty. This also produces a calming and tranquil environment whether inside or outside!

You can make your home or lawn area more peaceful and relaxing just by adding a water fountain. These fountains can add luxurious appeal to your living room, backyard, or patio.

Benefits of having an Indoor/Outdoor Fountain:

  • Enjoy health benefits – these fountains release negatively charged ions into the surroundings and help remove impurities that exist in the environment.
  • Improve your outdoor space – you and your guests will appreciate the soothing ambiance created by flowing water.
  • Enhance your home value – If you want to increase the value of your home in the real estate market, a water fountain would be an ideal choice for you! These fountains are known for the tranquility and calmness they bring.

The sound of flowing water brings a sense of peace to your lifestyle, so adding an indoor or outdoor waterfall is the perfect way to decorate your home!

Floor Standing Fountains

Floor Standing Fountains

When deciding whether to choose a floor fountain or wall fountain think about your space.  Floor standing fountains do a  great job in that empty corner, as a room divider or in an entrance way.  They are also wonderful for the lobby of an office building or business.

Floor Standing Fountains can be the perfect interior decorating solution to your home.  Whether you are looking to renovate a room or amaze customers in the office, this is the perfect solution to accomplish both!  Many companies will bring a floor standing water fountain in to act as a room divider or build one in to a wall niche for all to see.  They
also look spectacular at the end of a hallway or behind a reception area. As for a home décor, standing floor fountains can be used in an entrance way or to divide two rooms.  No matter what your need is you are sure to accomplish beauty and incorporate a piece of serenity with one of these beautiful waterfalls.

A standing floor fountain brings the sound and sight of flowing water into the room. Since all of the floor fountains are free-standing, the installation is simple and they can be moved without a hassle. We offer different sizes, free shipping in US, and customized company logos so visit our website today and check out all the different ones we have to

Bubble Walls

What are Bubble Walls?

Bubble Walls are an indoor feature that has a consistent flow of bubbles that creates a serine effect. A wall of bubbles is a spectacular effect in any restaurant, home or business. These beautiful expressions of peacefulness and tranquility can undeniably provide a setting which others may find difficult to do.

Benefits of a Bubble Wall:

  • In a restaurant, bubble walls offer a dramatic mist of ambiance
  • At home, it can help guests feel invited into your home
  • In the office, it can provide customers with a stylish art piece while offering a calming feeling
  • The constant movement of bubbles creates an aurora for any atmosphere

Bubble Walls create an exotic and magnificent look transforming into a calm oasis and are the perfect touch to any room offering a soft and tranquil environment. The subtle flow of water creates the dramatic effect of a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. Bubble Walls illuminate a room enticing a stress free setting.  The constant flow of water will control the intensity bringing the mood to a heightened feeling of peace. This is one way you can easily create a design vision that will be one of a kind.

Bubble Walls

Turn Your Home into a Fortress of Solitude with a Beautiful Wall Fountain

If you are someone with a lot on your plate, then you probably are already feeling the stress almost boil over inside of you. Although there are myriad ways to relieve stress, one of the best ways is to immerse yourself in a very tranquil environment; although you can’t take a peaceful walk through the woods every single day, you can bring tranquility into your home with a beautiful and high quality wall fountain.

Indoor wall fountains are surely a great choice for those leading stressful lives. Just being near one of these fountains is enough to relax your mind and calm your soul. Listening to the gentle water sounds and gazing upon the beautiful design of the fountain can certainly create a kind of atmosphere that you’ll surely love, and when searching for a fountain which will fulfill your desires for solitude, there is only one place to look- the Water Gallery, L.L.C.

The Water Gallery is your premier source for the best in wall fountains. No matter what kind of a wall fountain you had in mind, you will be sure to find it within the Water Gallery’s repertoire. However, it’s also important to note that if you are interested in a custom design fountain, then the Water Gallery will be able to fulfill your specific desires perfectly! If you would like to learn more, then you can simply browse through the Water Gallery website. Also feel free to contact the Water Gallery, L.L.C. directly by phone or email if you have any questions.


Is Your Establishment Lacking Beautiful Custom Bubble Panels?

No matter what kind of an establishment you are trying to manage or help manage, you have to rely on attracting new customers as well as making sure that your current customers keep coming back. Although there are a number of great things about your business, perhaps it can be said that your interiors might lack something which would set your business apart from all the rest. If this is the case, then you might consider the tremendous advantages of having custom bubble panels installed.

Custom bubble panels might be the one thing that can put your business on top! Custom bubble walls have a type of grace, elegance, and sophistication which can give your establishment the type of superior personality which you’ve been searching for, and this is especially the case if you happen to procure your custom bubble panels from Water Gallery, L.L.C. Indeed, Water gallery ensures that your panels are only made in the highest quality manner possible, so that you’ll be able to enjoy bubble panels which are not only beautiful, but also robust.

You can improve your business and custom bubble panels can surely help! Be sure to learn more about custom bubble panels today by simply browsing through the Water Gallery, L.L.C. website, or else by contacting this established firm directly by phone or email. Don’t wait any longer to enhance your business- pick up your custom bubble panels as soon as possible!

Does Your Home Need Some Interior Improvement? Try a Wall Fountain!

If you have become bored with your home’s interior décor and you are perhaps thinking about enhancing the look and feel of your home, then you should seriously consider the tremendous benefits found in having a beautiful wall fountain grace your interior! There is no question that a high quality wall fountain will be able to enhance the appearance of your home, but making your home more beautiful is just one of the several benefits found in beautiful wall fountains!

Having a wall fountain can increase the tranquility of your home! If you have a considerable amount of stress as a result of your work, family, or perhaps there’s another aspect of your life which is causing you to experience heightened stress levels, then you will surely enjoy the peace and serenity which a lovely wall fountain can bring! Indeed, these stunning indoor wall fountains will have the ability to transform the environment into something that you’ll truly enjoy!

Where will you be able to pick up your high quality wall fountain? The answer is at the Water Gallery, L.L.C. as this dedicated firm offers a number of absolutely beautiful fountains which will certainly have the ability to improve both the look and feel of your home. It’s also important to mention that if you’d like your fountain custom designed, then Water Gallery, L.L.C. will be able to provide you with exactly what you want! Be sure to find out more regarding the gorgeous and high quality water fountains available by browsing through the Water Gallery, L.L.C. website.


Give Your Customers Something More with Beautiful Custom Bubble Walls

There are countless places that offer coffee, drinks, and/or meals, and undoubtedly, depending on the location, competition between establishments can be cutthroat. If this is the case, then those establishments that really want to succeed need to offer their customers with something unique- something which will want them to keeping coming back for more! Such a thing can be the décor of the establishment, which can certainly be enhanced with beautiful custom bubble walls.

Custom bubble walls can certainly help to set your business apart from the pack! These beautiful expressions of sophistication, beauty, and tranquility can undoubtedly provide a kind of mood which may be difficult to find in your competitors. Indeed, you can transform your interiors with these amazing custom bubble panels, but before you go off and purchase your bubble walls just anywhere, be sure to consider the high quality bubble walls available at Water Gallery, L.L.C.

Water Gallery, L.L.C. is the go-to place for beautiful custom bubble walls which will surely set your business apart from your competitors. You can see for yourself just how stunning these bubble walls really are by simply browsing through the Water Gallery, L.L.C. website. Also feel free to contact Water Gallery, L.L.C. by phone or email if you have any questions or would like to move forward with procuring beautiful bubble walls or another kind of high quality water fountain. What are you waiting for? Start the process for improving your business with high quality bubble panels as soon as possible!


Turn Your Bar or Club into a Thriving Business with Custom Bubble Walls

You’ve got ideas of hitting the big time with your bar or club, but there seems to be something lacking in your interiors which may prove to be the key which unlocks a flood of customers, and indeed, a flood of profits and prosperity.  This missing key may be dazzling custom bubble walls, which will certainly add a great deal of personality and magic to your business!

Turn your bar or club into a thriving business with custom bubble walls! With custom bubble walls, you will be able to provide your business with class, elegance, and personality which may be difficult to find elsewhere. You will be able to leap-frog your competitors as far as providing your patrons with an environment perfect for nightlife, and in the process, ensure that your business not only stays alive, but goes above and beyond your expectations of successfulness.

Don’t wait any longer to improve the appearance of your bar or club! Be sure to learn more about the benefits of high quality custom bubble panels today by browsing through the Water Gallery, L.L.C. website, and if you happen to be interested in having your own custom-designed bubble walls built and installed, then you can simply contact the professionals at Water Gallery, L.L.C. directly by phone or email. Do not look further than Water Gallery, L.L.C. if you do happen to desire custom bubble walls, as the team at Water Gallery, L.L.C. are experts and will be able to design, build, and install custom bubble walls in a manner which is both high quality and cost-effective.